New and exciting ICOs and blockchain projects are cropping up everyday. Unfortunately, most people don’t understand about how they actually work, except the developers themselves. And if investors don’t understand functionality, they can’t be sure a coin or project is any different than the rest.

Add in the abundant misinformation and the rapid pace of the industry, and suddenly it’s clear that data-driven crypto marketing is more important than ever before.

Questions to ask yourself:

Can you explain your coin or blockchain project's purpose and functionality in a sentence?

Do you have an actual go-to-market plan in writing that scales for market volatility?

Does your current marketing strategy have time-specific benchmarks and tangible goals?

Is your whitepaper a comprehensive representation of your business and technology?

Do your current investors and community members feel confident recommending your coin or project to others?

As more ICOs and blockchain projects crowd the market, successful crypto and blockchain projects are ones whose marketing team understand the nuances of the crypto space and also know how to navigate the gap between developers and investors.

Run Your Crypto Marketing and Biz Dev like a Real Tech Company

RoboticProfit believes in applying tried and true best practices from tech marketing and fundraising to the unique challenges and opportunities of the crypto space.

Our background in creating big data platforms and enterprise level software means we have the understanding needed to grasp crypto and blockchain technology. And our background in complex B2B and high-value B2C digital marketing means we know how to use that understanding to make you money.

RoboticProfit is not just a hiring service for an army of shills or media placements you could buy yourself. We believe in providing our clients a comprehensive strategy to maximize market cap and return on your marketing budget.

Data-driven Crypto Marketing for Pre-ICO or Growth-Stalled Cryptos

We help both pre-ICO cryptocurrencies and stalled coins gain positive and steady growth. This often means refining investor relations, public relations, and marketing execution.

To have a shot at substantial growth in the fast-paced world of crypto means knowing how to easily explain what makes your coin different. Most emerging coins can’t explain what their technology did in a sentence. Successful coins know who they are, and have a clear message to convey strategic value across US, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and EU markets.

Even one major investor selling can cause significant price volatility. Consistent positive and clear marketing messaging keeps investors holding and market cap rising.
— Bradford Stephens, CEO

Process Options:

Tactical Consulting

Even great teams with a great plan can get stuck from time to time. RoboticProfit offers tactical-level consulting to help come up with an action plan to solve an immediate problem or unstick a project.

Strategy Development

There’s a difference between great executors and great strategists. RoboticProfit offers full-scale strategy development for cryptos with a full or partial marketing or business development team in place.

Strategy Development & Execution

We get it: You’re focused on building an amazing crypto. For those gearing up for an ICO or those whose growth has stalled out, we develop and execute world-class marketing and business development strategies.

Crypto Marketing and Business Development Services:

Technology Viability Analysis

Does your technology actually do what you think it does? Does your technology have the ability to truly scale to the level your go-to-market strategy says? We can help you know for sure and communicate that confidence to investors.

Competitive Analysis

RoboticProfit can help you identify your competitors and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses relative to your own. This is a critical part of your company’s marketing plan that’s often hardest to do objectively on your own.


In an industry plagued by pockets of scammers, crafting a brand for your crypto or blockchain project is important to build legitimacy and trust. A polished visual brand based on marketing psychology, executed by talented graphic artists can be key in making good first impressions during an ICO.

Whitepaper Development

Too often, coins expect an inexperienced or unqualified person to produce a whitepaper. Pivotal for ICOs, these documents contain the commercial, technological and financial details of the project, which need to be communicated effectively to both investment-minded individuals and engineer-minded individuals investigating the coin’s viability.

Go-to-Market Planning

Have you codified how you will reach customers and actualize your competitive advantages? A go-to-market plan gives you a tangible blueprint for launching your coin, taking into account such factors as pricing and distribution. A literal document rather than a vague idea or cookie cutter process, RoboticProfit offers comprehensive go-to-market planning for successful ICO launches.

Website Development

Your website acts as your coin’s home base for information. RoboticProfit develops websites with the needs of crypto in mind, complete with a wireframing and design comp process to ensure the site performs well and represents the brand well.  

Investor Relations

Because investment is inherently in the form of a coin, crypto can be significantly volatile because it allows disgruntled or even bored investors to get out quickly. To protect against that, major investors especially need to feel informed, and often, involved. RoboticProfit offers investor relations services that keeps investors happy and allows executives to have more time to get their investors results.

Media Relations

RoboticProfit uniquely can get opportunities to speak with a variety of journalists due to our executive experience in Silicon valley, venture Capital, journalism, and beyond.

Full Service Digital Marketing

Well-versed in the shifting regulatory constraints, RoboticProfit offers extensive digital marketing services including influencer placement, digital display advertising, as well as SEO & paid search advertising to get your coin in front of the right people online.

Content Creation

A content plan for the systematic release of articles both on a coin’s website and outside the site is important to stay heard in a noisy and fast news cycle. RoboticProfit can develop a plan and execute even the most technical content creation needs.

Chat Management

Chat platforms such as Telegram continue to be the place where information on crypto is heavily exchanged. RoboticProfit helps coins manage their chat relations in the same way a traditional company would handle a customer service experience, including staffing, staff training, automation and resource creation.

Social Media Management

Similarly, social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit are playing an important role in crypto public relations and marketing. RoboticProfit can help create as well as execute a social media management strategy that is structured and effective.

Public Speaking Placement & Execution

The right conference can put you in touch with the right people. The big risk is wasting time and money—and looking amateurish. RoboticProfit can find coin executives public speaking opportunities that maximize their exposure successfully and comfortably.  

Event Planning & Execution

RoboticProfit is passionate about the ability of events to elevate a brand. A well-crafted party enables executives and staff to engage with a variety of people, and in find themselves different kinds of conversations—ultimately resulting in richer business connections for everyone involved.

Not Sure What You Need?

Crypto and blockchain projects are daunting enough. If you’re not sure what you need or where to start, RoboticProfit offers consultation to determine your needs.