Do you understand your Data?

Do you know what Big Data can do for you?

If not, you need a Data Diagnostic Call.

Does this sound familiar? ‐‐

You’re doing everything you can to build repeat business. It’s working, sort of, but you’re not growing as quickly as you expected. And you have no idea which part of “everything” is responsible. 

You’re blindly spending marketing dollars and your customer acquisition costs keep increasing. 

You’ve tried for years to get your data under control. You’ve heard about “unifying your data” or “creating a data science program”.

You know you need to make a change, but this isn't your area of expertise.

You need someone to point you in the right direction now.


Get a custom Data Diagnostic Call that helps you understand how you can use data to create business goals, plan products, and put the right offer in front of the right customers at the right time. 

Most e‐commerce companies don’t have a viable Data Strategy.

Instead, they invest in projects that have no positive impact on revenue and marketing that has no predictable effect on sales.

That’s where we come in.

In one Data Diagnostic Call, we'll discuss your business goals, examine your existing data structure, diagnose your data problems, and create a custom outline of solutions to help you sell more to your best customers.

Our Data Diagnostic Call helps you plan the next 3 months.

Here are a few examples of projects we might recommend...

  • Establish proper KPIs that can be improved with data
  • Use Machine Learning and Data Science to predict trends and customer behavior 
  • Target customers according to what they're likely to buy as individuals
  • Increase value per advertising spend
  • Move from batch analysis to real‐time data analysis for quicker decisions
  • Build a Data Platform that lets you ask relevant questions and get relevant answers

A Data Diagnostic Call helps you understand what’s wrong with your data approach and saves you time and money.

You need experts who understand Big Data to help you determine what to build and when. 

Stop fumbling in the dark.

Schedule now ‐‐ we only work with three clients at a time. Our clients get our full attention.

Data Diagnostic Call

We'll evaluate your data strategy from a technology and revenue perspective and get you on track to achieve your goals.

Guarantee: If this isn't helpful, we'll give you a full refund.

2‐hour strategy deep‐dive call

  • KPI overview
  • Revenue goals
  • Technical analysis
  • Follow‐up report outlining strategy
  • Specific "Next Steps" forward

Reserve your spot, and we'll contact you with scheduling details ASAP.