You’re not a software company. Sure, you have an engineering and software department, but that’s not what your company does.

You have a business to run. You need customers, sales, revenue, and product lines. And you need the data infrastructure that gets you there.

You already have a road map, but it needs execution.

Do you have the team you need to build your data platform? Data platforms can be a nightmare to build. Between scalability, cost, and feasibility, even the most well-meaning teams can take forever to build your first data platform. 

You need people who do this all day, every day. You need Big Data Experts.

That’s where we come in.

Your team is busy taking care of their day-to-day work, and you’re finding it difficult to hire right distributed systems experts, data scientists, and engineers you need to accomplish your goals.

Don’t hire new employees. Hire a team that knows the terrain and can get you to your goals faster than you thought possible.

We are the experts you’ve always wanted. 

Most engineers simply haven’t built working, scalable, real-time data systems. Once you’ve got a system, your engineers can maintain it. The problem is getting there. 

Maybe you’ve got a workplan and deadlines. But those deadlines keep slipping because you can’t build fast enough. Or hire fast enough. You’re sinking costs into work you just have to throw out time and again. 

Or maybe what you’ve built just isn’t big enough to handle your ultimate goals, and you’re spending all your time scrambling to keep it alive. 

We’ll build the right data platform for you, fast. One that your team can maintain. 

We work with the most experienced, well-respected, hard-to-get experts in the field. We can build your data platform faster and more cost-efficiently than an in-house team. We’ve built things in weeks that would take our customers years on their own.

This expertise doesn’t come cheap. But this isn’t an expense. It’s an investment. Dollar for dollar, the ROI you’ll see from a solid data strategy and platform is the best investment in software engineering you can make.

On top of that, you’ll be seeing increased revenues in weeks instead of losing money for years on ineffective, unfinished projects.
Face it. Most companies just can’t hire the experts it takes to build a great data platform. And their revenue goals suffer. But you don’t need permanent, full-time data platform architects. You need a team that can get your system up and running. 

We’ve got the experts to build the right platform, and you’ll see progress almost immediately. We don’t waste time figuring out how to get it done. We already have processes built for speed, so you don’t get trapped in a cycle of waiting and disappointment. 

Get an infrastructure that delivers tangible value today. 

Schedule now. We only build for very few clients - you get our full attention.

Our implementations include:

  • A detailed technical roadmap of R+D from where you are to your ultimate goals
  • Evaluations and explanations of all technologies
  • Code from top experts in distributed systems, devops, data science, and machine learning
  • Weekly updates and demos 
  • Continuing support and development

What we need from you:

A commitment to growing your business with a Data Platform that delivers what you need.

Schedule a consultation now. You’re ready to build the Big Data Infrastructure that will get you to your dreams. Don’t waste any more time and money. Start the journey now.