Do you know how to navigate your Big Data plan?

Are you worried your Data Strategy isn’t technically feasible? 

Do you know exactly what needs to be researched and built for the next year?

Are you ready to be held accountable for the business goals of your data roadmap? 

How are you building your data platform? You’ve got your business goals outlined and your teams are ready to go. But you don’t know where to start. You’ve heard of things like “Hadoop” and “Spark”, but there are so many technologies out there. It feels like there’s a chasm between between where you are today and where you know you can be.

How do you build a bridge to get there? A solid data strategy.

You’re worried that engineering will spend months prototyping their way into a dead end. You need to get your research pointed in the right direction so can you reach a scalable solution without having to go back to the beginning.

You need to make sure every critical decision is moving you in the right direction and your choice of technology isn’t going to derail you. 

Your data science team is stressed. They know the business goals and they know the right questions to ask, but the right technology isn’t in place. Engineering keeps building prototypes that are missing fundamental features or simply won’t scale.

It’s time to feel confident in your plan and build the right thing. 

Stop wasting years of engineering effort building the wrong thing. Let us help you develop a strategic Data Roadmap that shows you how to reach your goals. 

Your Data Roadmap gives you a plan of action you can start using immediately. Every step will help you reach a tangible goal and point you in the direction of the next step. 

This is where most companies’ Data Strategies fall apart. There’s no clear path between the business value and where you are today. 

We’ll help you develop that roadmap and get you on your way. 

Schedule now ‐‐ we only work with three clients at a time. Our clients get our full attention.

The Data Roadmap gives your engineers what they need to carry them through the next year of research and development. Collaboratively, we will:

  • Reinforce and clarify the business goals you wish to achieve
  • Make a list of technologies and vendors to research (and to avoid)
  • Understand the key tradeoffs between cost, speed, and feasibility

You’ll also understand the skillset necessary to execute your plan and have a solid set of milestones to get you from ideas to Version 1 of your data platform.

What we need from you:

  • A dedicated week for onsite or remote meetings with key stakeholders to carry out an intensive investigation of your current landscape and goals

At the end of that week, we’ll present our preliminary findings and the strategic goals we see.

Then, we’ll develop your Data Roadmap and hand you the in-depth guide you need to move your Big Data Strategy to success.