Are you lost in the Big Data landscape?

Did you have big plans for your Big Data, but never figured out how to build it?

Lack of progress can make you look bad. To your board, to your boss, to your customers.

You know that you can increase revenue from your top, targeted customers, but the trick is figuring out realistic business goals.

Stop wasting time in meetings where no one knows what you can really do and how you can get there. Get a Data Strategy Audit, and get oriented.

Maybe you’re having one of ‘those’ meetings right now. The product’s stuck in one place. Marketing knows they need to reach your best customers, but they’re waiting on you to tell them who those customers are and how to reach them. IT has a mountain of data going back years but they’re stuck: there’s no clear path forward to using that data for decision making or product development.

You need a Data Strategy. It’s the map that ties it all together. 

A Data Strategy starts with your business goals. 

We’ll help you turn that into a feasible technical roadmap. You might not know where all the roadblocks are, but we do. 

We can help you orient the team to build the right thing at the right time so you can set and  meet your yearly goals realistically. 

Here’s how we help: 


Get a custom Data Strategy Audit that diagnoses your problems and makes you smarter. 

The Data Strategy Audit is a process to help your company get back on track. Data can help you figure out who your best customers are, what those customers want, and how to give it to them. 

Most Big Data Strategies fail. 

The business goals and KPIs are foggy. Your teams don’t really understand how to get where they want to go. Decisions keep getting re-visited.  You’re worried about building the wrong thing at the wrong time with the wrong expertise. 

And *that’s* why you’re missing your growth targets. 

That’s where we come in. 

First, we'll examine your current plans during a deep-dive phone call. 

We’ll go over your business history, your current goals, what kind of data you’ve got, and what kind of data you need.
Then we’ll create a custom Data Strategy Audit that outlines your approach to selling more to your best customers.

Our audit helps you map out the next 3 to 6 months.

We know this territory. We’ve seen it enough times to know where the shortcuts are. We can guide you through the many decisions that can take forever. 

Here’s what we’ll help you understand to get back on track: 

  • Context (“How did we get here as a company?”)
  • Orientation (“What’s the fastest way to revenue goals without endless research?”)
  • Decision (“Are we ready to create a technical roadmap for our Data Strategy?”) 
  • Action (“Can we help our teams implement the technical and product roadmap with this Data Strategy now?”)

A Data Strategy Audit gets you un-stuck and back on the right track. 

Here’s what you’ll have at the end of the process:

  • Clarity on how your Data Strategy and your business goals work together, and what obstacles are keeping you stuck
  • Rapid decisions and shortcuts from experts who’ve done this before
  • The necessary preparation to create a Data Roadmap for technical implementation

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Data Strategy Audit

We'll evaluate your data strategy from a business, technology, and revenue perspective and get you back on track,

(This can be collaborated remotely or in-person.)

What we need from you:

  • A couple of hours of your time for an intense overview of your business and existing data strategy
  • A couple of hours for a technical deep‐dive
  • A couple of hours for a stakeholder strategy session

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